Met steun van de gemeente Retie

Dear tug of war fan,


In 2023 TTV Fam. Janssens Retie celebrates its 30th anniversary. As with the previous anniversary’s we will brighten this event by organising an international tournament in Retie, Belgium (Sportspark Vossekot, Geenend 7, 2470 Retie).

Two days of international Tug Of War at the highest level during the ascension weekend on 19 and 20 may with 6 different weight classes.


We hope to welcome you at our event!



          All weighing will be on individual basis.

          There will be several possibilities for weighing during the course of the tournament.

          • Thursday : weighing in the evening
          • Every competition day in the morning
          Day Morning Afternoon
          Thursday 18/05 Arrival of the teams, assignment of the rooms Arrival of the teams, assignment of the rooms, Weighing in the evening
          Friday 19/05 Men -600kg Ladies -540kg
          Men -700kg
          Saturday 20/05 Mix -580kg Men -640kg
          U23 -450kg
          U19 GENSB -560kg
          Sunday 21/05 Departure of the teams

          Subscription fee

          • € 75 for the first weight class
          • € 50 for the second weight class
          • € 40 for the third weight class
          • Free afterwards

          Sleeping and dining facility

          We will offer accommodation in ‘De Hoge Rielen’,  an oasis of green space, located at the nearby village Kasterlee, at 20 minutes’ drive from the competition area. You will stay over in one of the building accommodations.



          De Hoge Rielen

          Molenstraat 62

          2460 Kasterlee


          Included Prices
          -  One night stay -  1 x breakfast -  1 x dinner € 145
          -  Two night stay -  2 x breakfast -  2 x dinner € 190
          -  Three night stay -  3 x breakfast -  3 x dinner € 235

          How to get there


          • By car : Through Antwerp, Eindhoven, Breda or Liège/Luik/Lüttich
          • Across the Channel

          Teams from Great Britain and Ireland will have to cross the Channel. If not by plane the options are ferries or Eurotunnel. Calais Port is at 3 hours’ drive from Retie, Ostend Port to Retie will take 2 hours.

          • By plane
            • Eindhoven: 40 km
            • Antwerp: 60 km
            • Brussels: 100 km
            • Charleroi: 160 km

           Transfer from and to the airport / competition area / sleeping and dining facility is offered at € 55 a person.

          Referees and jury

          We are looking for well-motivated jury and referees who want to help promote tug-of-war at our international tournament.

          We offer free accommodations and meals. At our website you can indicate the periods during which you are willing to assist at our competitions.

          Bring your own referees and jury!

          If your club has referees within its number of members, please inform them of the possibility to take part in our tournament in 2023. International experience is not compulsory!

          Subscription forms

             To be filled out with the competition categories you wish to take part in. Even if you are unsure in which categories you will compete we want to explicitly ask you to make your entrance known to us.  By informing us of your entrance you make the tournament more attractive to other teams.

            Deadline: 1 April 2023, but really as soon as possible!

              With this form we take care of your stay. If referees are travelling with your club, please take care that they fill out the C-form.

              Deadline: 1 April 2023

              Please arrange your accommodation as soon as possible, even if you are unsure about the exact numbers of participants: give us an approximate number so that we have an idea at least of the necessary beds.

              Keep in mind that there are a limited number of rooms available. Rooms will be assigned based on booking date and priority will be given to teams booking for the complete period but only until 1 april.

              Payments must have been made one week after date on invoice. You’ll receive a proof of payment as a confirmation of your entry and booking. All payments have to be done in euros. Account details will be found on the invoice.

                Participating referees and jury members have free accommodation, breakfast and dinner during the tournament; make sure this form is filled out properly and we take care of everything.

                Deadline: the sooner you send this form in, the better; ultimately at 1 April 2023 we want to have referee and jury team complete.


                Club Country Men -600kg Men -640kg Men -700kg Ladies -540kg Mix -580kg U23 -450 kg (6-8p) U19 GENSB -560 kg
                Fam. Janssens Retie Belgium 1 1 1 1 2
                Killylough tow club N. Ireland 1 1 1
                Power train USA 1 1 2
                SA Gazelle South Africa 1 1
                Lincoln TOW England 1 1 1 1
                Mertensmannen Belgium 1 1 1 2
                Brunnsbergs IF Sweden 1 1 1 1
                Veense Boys The Netherlands 1 1 1
                Valleitrekkers The Netherlands 1 1 1
                Vandakker Belgium 1 1 1
                Seilziehclub Mosnang Switzerland 1 1 1
                Furie Rosse Italy 1 1 1 1 1
                TTV Powerrangers Belgium 1 1 1 1 1 1
                Nottwil Switzerland 1 1 1
                Löftadalen DK Sweden 1 1 1
                Engelberg Switzerland 1 1 1
                Tiratori Fune Astra-Feltre Italy 1 1
                TTV De Berketrekkers Belgium 1 1
                Stans-Oberdorf Switzerland 2 1 1 1
                G & B TOW Ireland 1 1 1
                Streefkerk The Netherlands 1 1 1 1 1
                TTV Nijlen Belgium 1
                Velkonis Latvia 1 1
                TTV Lagerweij The Netherlands 1 1
                TTV Monnickendam The Netherlands 1 1 1
                TAF Scorzè / TAF Tear Force Italy 1 1 1
                Seilziehclub Sins Switzerland 2 2 1 2